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We Need A Serious Discussion About Captain America

Something really scary just happened to Captain America. I mean, scary if you're a nerd like we are, it's scary. 

First of all, before I go into what I just found on the internet, I need to say that there are spoilers that are about to be shared from the newest comic book, and how that will effect the movies. So if you don't want to know...




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For those brave enough to continue... We'd say that Steve Rogers would be proud of you, but maybe he wouldn't be, now that he is a villain.

That's right. Captain America is a sleeper agent.

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Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, the comic was released today, and according to what BuzzFeed is telling us about this, Captain America is going evil.

YEP. BuzzFeed's article shares that they decided to rework Captain America going forward and to reassure readers that "this is 'actually Steve Rogers, not a duplicate or a clone or a robot or anything like that.'" says editor of the comic, Tom Brevoort.

So, what does this mean for the Marvel Universe in terms of movies, and Chris Evans as Cap?

Well, for one, we're guessing that Sam will not be pleased.

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We also wonder, being that Marvel works together between comic books and movies, that this had to have been discussed before moving forward with this change in direction. We're also surprised though, judging by the end of Captain America: Civil War, that Steve didn't seem all that sinister, if this was the case. But that does explain his extreme love for Bucky (unless you're going for that whole #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend thing).

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Get yourself a man who will stand against 117 countries to make sure you're safe. #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriendpic.twitter.com/yJvK1z9oBh

So, now that Steve might potentially be hailing Hydra, I'm sure you wish you'd gone Team Iron Man, huh?

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