Help Andrew McMahon Take Down Alice In Chains

Today I'm endorsing #11 Andrew McMahon over #6 AIC. Does Alice in Chains have a music library that rocks my socks off? Yes (damn my feet are cold). That does not mean they should beat veteran singer/songwriter Andrew McMahon. Not only does Andrew write and create "real/ organic" music in a time where music has to be poppy and "dumbed-down" for the masses, he also hales from Concord, MA, and the former grunge rockers come from Seattle. I want you to join me and vote for Andrew McMahon. Jason Rossi 

 Andrew's music is good enough, but his story is unique and adds so much depth to this appeal. Andrew has been the lead vocalist for 2 major label bands ( Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin) and it took until he dropped the "gimmicks" and used his real name to score his first #1 song.   I look at today's  first round match ups in March Bandness (click here to see & vote on them), and see currently Andrew only has 31% of the votes to AIC's 69%. Will you  help build up votes for Mr. McMahon and pull off the upset? After all today's music is good, and one day will be classic.
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