Life In My Hospital Bed - Amy Brooks

Another little set back landed me at Tufts Medical Center, Boston. Just after Thanksgiving I learned that my kidney was hemorrhaging and as a result I wound up with a bladder blockage from the blood...and oh the pain the pain. You know when medical professionals calmly ask, as you're writhing violently, screaming nonsensical words and shaking like it's 30 below in the room, "so, what's your pain on a scale of 1-10...?"

REALLY? C'mon I'll give you 1 guess. It's a tough scale to know because smacking your head on the cabinet door in your kitchen and seeing stars seems like a 10 until you have a catheter slicing through your convulsing bladder to remedy a blockage. This is what has kept me in the hospital and away from you on the air this week so far my friends. This and the chronic kidney disease I have lived with all of my life which is the common denominator of almost all of my hospitalizations.

And it's strange all of a sudden it seems, 'tis the season for some feel good kidney donation stories! Like the guy in Tampa who swiped right on Tinder and dated a woman who ultimately donated a kidney to his friend. And the NJ construction worker who went on Craigslist to look for supplies and saw an ad for a woman needing a kidney instead.  He felt compelled to donate his in honor of his wife who died of kidney failure 4 years ago.  Wow amazing people.

After not having spoken up much about my condition (Polycystic Kidney Disease) for no other reason than to just keep living a normal life, I'm realizing this whole "I'm gonna need a kidney" thing is not only not uncommon but it's a reality for me too. What's most astounding is the number of amazing stories there are of these Good Samaritans committing such selfless acts as donating their live organs to perfect strangers.

So here I am in my hospital bed watching all of these news stories on my hospital room TV and feeling so much less alone.  I am back to work today but for the last few days, life in my hospital bed has allowed me some new epiphanies!  Like, you CAN watch a Patriots game on a 12" TV with a crappy little speaker in the handheld remote (but it SUCKS) and you can wash your hair without water or shampoo (see below)

and you can speak up about anything to anyone because it can only help.
So now, I am left to ponder, over the next couple of years, do I post MY kidney request on Tinder or Craigslist?  😉

Thanks for reading, see you on the air as soon as I can get there.

xo Amy