Bleachers - I Wanna Get Better

Why am I such a skeptic?  A trio is formed years ago, they sound great, end up with a handful of huge songs that people love and which will be heard for years to come on the radio, yet when one member splits off I roll my eyes. My knee jerk reaction is to say-what's the point?  Even the great Eddie Vedder, it's true, I am mostly disinterested in his solo stuff.  It' like a female sports reporter, the bar gets raised even HIGHER for that poor woman (although this is a terrible truth, not one I at all agree with). 

Jack Antonoff, guitarist/vocalist/composer for the NYC based 2 time Grammy winning band fun., (who has also written songs for PBS's children's show Super Why) has CHANGED my stubborn mind. Apparently he was working on this new musical endeavor for about a year, in secret, and sprang it on everyone just last month.  He came out with the name of his new band The Bleachers and has officially debuted this song "I wanna get better" and it has become the talk of the industry.  Jack says that The Bleachers is an effort to bridge the gap musically between Disclosure and Arctic Monkeys- which I suppose could be accurate.  But see for yourself.  There's an album and a tour planned as well. This song is upbeat but has depth, catchy with a rock guitar edge.  This cynic happens to love it so bravo Jack, "I wanna get better" too.