The Features

Much like lead vocalist Matt Pelham sings in his band's new song "This Disorder", I first noticed that we may indeed have a problem. A few years ago I was out with a group of girlfriends who had taken months to come to an agreement on a date to get together and once we were well situated at the dinner table all of their perfectly made up faces were buried in the LCD of their smartphone.  Now, years later I hear this song and I say, YES! The Features have said it all with This Disorder from their 4th album "The Features" (second on King's of Leon's record label), without lecture, or disappointment, just a tribute to reality.  And their message is clearly backed with their funk style driving beat and plenty of synth and organ.  Frankly the seemingly "Another One Bites the Dust" base line isn't lost on me either.  I love this song for it's beat and crisp guitar riffs as well as it's simple meaning, "The problem here is plain to see, commonly known as an LCD...and you need more activity.  Well, I think I know a remedy, just shake your arms and move your feet and pretty soon you'll find a beat"...ah yessss, choose dancing over texting.  Brilliant!  I'm sorry I missed this band when they last came through Boston (Middle East back in May 2013), that, I promise will not happen again.  Besides the way Matt drops the "r" when he sings "This Disorder" makes me wonder...could this Tennesean actually be from Boston? Nah, that'd be an entrirely different disorder ;)Check out "This Disorder" from their latest LP "The Features" available now on Serpeants and Snakes Records.