Tame Impala (neither A Small Antelope, Nor A Sedan)

Kevin Parker's Psychedelic Rock Project. That is what I am re-naming this unique Australian band known officially as Tame Impala.  Band members have exited and entered but the energy doesn't much change and that's because it's Kevin Parker's psychedelic rock project.  He says their sound has a steady flowing rock groove with an emphasis on dream like melodies. So there you have it, my job here is done.  Their name is "just a reference to the African animal really, from a perspective of coming into contact with a live one in nature and having this real brief, unspoken moment but with some level of communication between yourself and this wild animal. Then the next minute it’s gone returning to where it came from." according to Parker in an interview with www.louderthanwar.com.

 This song, "Elephant", you may have caught in the Blackberry Z10 advertisements recently as well as in the season 2 finale of HBO's "Girls". Elephant can be found on their 2nd full length album “Lonerism" (their latest).  Parker revealed that the whole record is a departure from his previous material because his song writing is more emotional.  Perhaps fans have sensed this because reports were that the 2013 Glastonbury Festival crowd was mesmerized by the band.  Parker has a John Lennon vocal quality and with the 60's and 70'a psychedelia he projects I do hear Mother's of Invention and even Sgt. Pepper.  There's also a natural pull to align them with Radiohead. However, I truly believe, thanks to this band's most unique addicting sound, you will stop the comparisons and just hang on for the ride. Pure punk guitar riffs that blend interestingly with synth and a serious Wolfmother bass line that will stay with you.  Check it out here and let me know what you think of Kevin Parker's Psychedelic Rock Project…aka: Tame Impala.