"We'll never be Royals". Perhaps not. However, at the ripe and sunny age of 16, she has a pretty good shot of either being treated like one or making as much money as the Queen. Born in Aukland, New Zealand, Ella Yelich-O'Connor has been marching to the beat of her own drum or electronic drum beat which means she has an ear for music, but what's most stunning is her voice; rich with depth and...magic. The production of this track is brilliant, you completly forget that there is little to no instrumentation because 1) you are mesmerized by her voice and 2) her vocals/lyrics are impressive, hard to believe her interesting wording comes from a teenage brain. Upon first listen I felt like I was listening to Enya (dating myself perhaps) only thanks to the over dubbing and I swore this was the work of 5 angelic voices...but not so. Whatever she and her producer did, you feel as if there are sirens in every corner of the voyage with a beautiful woman's voice in every key melodically echoing through your bones. Lorde has blown up on tumblr and her debut EP "The Love Club" which was originally only available digitally (for free download) for the last 6 months has just been released on CD on Universal Records. With comments generated daily like "Amazing", "In love", "Omg I'm slayed", "obsessed" and my personal favorite, "everyone will know you", I will say she may just be Royalty afterall. Or at very least Queen Bee.

Enjoy, here's..."Royals"