Foals - "Inhaler"

If I told you that a song had screeching synth, reverberating high pitched vocals and lyrics with no real hook would you be interested? Yeah, not so sure Iwould be either. However, with the band's name and their healthy UK reputation behind it, I listen. And I find that the things that suck you in to "Inhaler" are the high pitched vocals complete with reverb, the screeching synth and that hard to find hook. Funny how that works, kind of like the things that I loved the most about my ex-husband were the exact things that made me move on... (only in reverse). Sigh, but I digress.

Foals are an English rock band who just released their 3rd and in my opinion, their best album, Holy Fire (available now).  The band, not surprisingly, likes it's independence so they hired a friend to create this video for "Inhaler" (below). Don't let the Parental Guidance disclaimer scare you too much, but I can file the final product as...interesting.

Foals - InhalerVideo aside, I can't imagine another voice other than the heart gripping falsetto of lead singer/guitarist Yannis Philippakis putting out "I can't get enough space!"  These guys don't at all seem timid to experiment and therefore my respect for them is grand.  The band claims to have pulled their influences from Talking Heads and math rock band The Redneck Manifesto.  There is indeed a little bit of funk in this track but admittedly less than the band had originally intended.  I rarely do this however, the comparison I am about to make is telling so I have to share it and I just can't take the credit.  Ed Nightingale of The Grizzle Report writes of Foals "think Prince meets Audioslave".  Bravo.  So accurate it's frightening.  Now you're interested...