Bad Books "Forest Whitaker"


Cool new kick back duo (plus some, afterall they do have a band behind them!) have come together after learning that they may not be better, musically, as single entities.  Band Books is a pretty new outfit created by the Atlanta based lead guy from Manchester Orchestra, Andy Hull and new found friend Kevin Devine from Brooklyn who was the opening act during Manchester Orchestra's '09 tour, and the rest is history.  Now they find themselves as natural collaborators and the proof is in this melodic new track which is hooky but intriguing.  the song was written by Hull who says, "It's a fictious story about a girl who I'm in this relationship with but leaves me and has a baby with a new guy and names the kid Forest Whitaker". "Why Forest Whitaker?" I ask during a recent Boch Studio Radio 92.9 interview with Devine and him and he said "Sounded good? Syllables fit and it seemed a strange enough name for this hippie girl to have come up with."  But really it's less about the name and much more about the atypical use of synth and rhythm for these singer/songwriter types.  It totally works though which may be largely thanks to Andy's and Kevin's effortless and beautiful vocals.

The new Album "II" is available now.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I have been.

Check out "Forest Whitaker"