The Neighbourhood - "Sweater Weather"

This band is shrouded in mystery, making it not so coincidental that their musical style might be categogized as moody and, well, mysterious. Makes sense. A year or so ago when their music popped up on the internet there was no info anywhere abut The Neighbourhood, where they were from or even how many people were in the band, and the message was clear; according to an MTV interview with lead singer Jesse Rutherford, "our identity is second to our music". Makes sense. We now know a little bit more about these 5 guys out of southern Cali (despite the British spelling of their name).

Their 2012 EP "I'm Sorry" is where you can find this song along with others not completely like it. The band has this rhythmic, moody vibe and Rutherford's vocals are captivating and haunting, full of depth and well, mystery. He, in fact is so convicted in his sense of noir and stripped-down stark images that he apparently won't eat at a restaurant that has a menu printed with Comic Sans or Papyrus! Ok, but the point is the music, not the man...however I challenge that with the notion that the music IS the man which is why when you hear The Neighbourhood, it certainly does spark our interest of where these guys are cerebrally.

This song "Sweater Weather" truthfully wasn't a first time home run listen for me, took 3-4 until I got them and enjoyed it. But for a band that calls them selves "black and white", I have fallen in love with their complexity. Rhythmic and moody with thoughtful lyrics and Jesse's achingly melodic vocdals, I'm in.

Give "Sweater Weather" a listen (or two) here, it should be enough to tide us over until their debut album is out in March.