Walk The Moon

Cincinnati Rocks! Oh, wait, that's Cleveland. Still, plenty of rock to be had out of Ohio and Walk The Moon is just more proof of that. 

Four guys, who sound more like they come from across the pond than the midwest, thanks to a rather U2 meets Coldplay vibe, named themselves after the Police's famous song "Walking On The Moon."

Ok, so clearly, this isn't exactly ball-crushing-man-rock, it's more poppy-art-rock, but don't hold that against them, kinda makes it catchy and likable. 

Nylon Magazine gave Walk the Moon "Band Crush" status thanks to their "swirly pop beats, infectious guitar riffs and loud sing along choruses". 

Their new full length self titled album on RCA Records is available now and gives us a fresh look some solid new rock that's out there. Great job guys.




Check out their latest, "Tightrope," as heard on Radio 92.9!